Steel Zero

Steel Zero is an architecturally attractive building façade system that harnesses the sun’s energy for use within a building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

Steel Zero heats air by drawing relatively cold outside air through a spectrally selective solar heated steel sheet. This solar heated air is then ducted into the building, reducing the building’s space heating demand.

Steel Zero is the world’s first solar air heating with a long-life spectrally selective (low emissivity) coating. The high air temperatures that can be generated by Steel Zero also has uses in agriculture and industrial drying.

To create Steel Zero, Energy Transitions have used the latest advancements in sustainable air-flow engineering. These engineering advances enables each new Steel Zero collector to consistently delivery high efficiency solar air heating.

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Advanced Air Flow Engineering

Energy Transitions have developed a suite of software tools to enable the design of Steel Zero facades tailored to a building's requirements, enabling each Steel Zero facade to consistently deliver high efficiency solar air heating.

Who makes Steel Zero?

Steel Zero is a type of built up cladding system and thus utilises the existing construction supply chain. This means Steel Zero can be designed by your favourite architect and manufactured by your local facade fabrication company. As Steel Zero utilises the existing supply chain, it gives you the freedom to work with companies you know and trust.


Dalton Facility, GB

Image courtesy of Rimex Metals


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Steel Zero Innovators Programme

The Steel Zero Innovators Programme gives early access to the Steel Zero technology to forward thinking companies. As part of the programme, you get access to comprehensive design guidance, a suite of open source design software and access to Steel Zero knowledge centre. If your involved in the creation of low carbon buildings (developers, architects, consultants, fabricators, cladding contractors, software developers), then get in touch to be one of the first to access our Steel Zero Innovators Programme. Spaces are limited.

Do you want to take part in the Steel Zero Innovators Programme?


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