Slide Energy Transitions - The Sunlight People – is a professional practice that engages in all aspects of the transition from fossil fuels to solar energy. Our Solar Innovation & Economy division works with innovators and academics to support the accelerated commercialisation of new solar energy products and services. We provide a bespoke range of services depending upon the needs of the client, with some common services being:
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Dr Richard Hall, CTO
Email • Supporting the identification, writing and submission of funding grants;
• Supporting the identification of, and engagement with, potential national and international collaboration partners;
• Writing software to simulate innovative solar systems using a variety of tools (including EES, Excel, TRNSYS);
• Supporting solar testing to optimise product performance and guidance through accreditation;
• Developing field trials and subsequent analysis of data;
• Understanding the solar market and potential for deployment of solar technology;
• Undertaking surveys to understand public attitudes and opinions;
• Developing marketing materials and examining the perceptions of potential clients to the conveyed messages.


Slide PLUG'N'HARVEST LOW CARBON HEATING TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION FUND TECHNO-ECONOMIC ANALYSIS OF SOLAR HEAT FARMS REAL-TIME SOLAR EVACUATED TUBE SIMULATOR Plug'n'Harvest is a 4-year project, funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme. Energy Transitions provide expertise on solar façade element design & system design engineering, carry out analysis & development of Modular Plug-n-Play ADBE modules & systems, and contribute to the strategic & business modelling work packages Find Out More Energy Transitions is developing a high efficiency, unglazed solar energy façade technology, christened ‘Steel Zero’. The £472,077 project, funded by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, aims to advance Steel Zero and develop innovative applications, such as heat networks

Find Out More This exciting new project is due to begin in January 2020. Working with the University of South Wales & funded by Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarships (KESS 2), the project will answer the question: “For a given thermal process in the UK, what form of solar heat farm would result in the lowest levelized cost of heat?”
Find Out More Find Out More Energy Transitions have been working with Solar Polar and James Freeman from the Clean Energy Processes (CEP) Laboratory at Imperial College London, to develop a laboratory-scale evacuated tube solar collector simulator for testing a low cost diffusion-absorption refrigeration system


Slide Learn More Learn More Dr Richard Hall is Vice Chair of the Solar Heating & Cooling Programme (SHC), which is a Technology Collaboration Programme (TCP) run by the the International Energy Agency (IEA) and supported by the Department of Buisness, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) of the UK Government. Dr Richard Hall is Chair of the Solar Trade Association (STA) Solar Heat Working Group. This group brings together STA members who have an interest in the use of solar energy for thermal processes (solar heating or cooling).