Slide Plug-n-Harvest is a 4-year project, funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme. The main strategic goal of the PLUG-N-HARVEST proposal is to design, develop, demonstrate and exploit a new modular, plug-n-play concept/product for ADBE (Adaptable/Dynamic Building Envelopes) – deployable to both residential and non-residential buildings – which is able to provide high (maximum possible) energy use reductions and high (maximum possible) energy harvesting from RES (Renewable Energy Sources) both at the single-building and the district scale while requiring medium-to low installation costs and almost-zero operational costs.

Energy Transitions is contributing expertise on solar (heating and PV) façade element design and system design engineering (including the interface with HVAC and electrical systems within buildings). Our input is therefore particularly focussed on the analysis and development of Modular Plug-n-Play ADBE modules and systems, and the related work packages. Energy Transitions is also contributing to the strategic and business modelling work packages.
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