Slide Transpired Solar Collectors (TSCs) are used around the world for the pre-heating of ventilation air in buildings and agricultural drying. The current generation of TSCs tend to use pre-finished steel for the perforated absorber and coatings which were not principally designed for solar thermal applications. This means that while they have a relatively high absorptivity, they also have a high-emissivity, which results in high radiative losses when operating at low flow rates. A number of studies have shown that development of a low-emissivity coating for TSCs could lead to increased energy savings for the current range of applications and enable their use in solar cooling. Energy Transitions have developed a new long-life (design life of over 50 years) low-emissivity (less than 0.30) coating for TSCs that will enable them to achieve a higher air temperature rise when operating at a low flow rate. In addition, the architecturally attractive appearance of the new low-emissivity coating may increase the appeal of TSCs to architects, thereby broadening the range of buildings with which they may be incorporated.

Steel Zero, the result of three years of intensive R&D, will be launching in Summer 2021
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