Dr Richard Hall

Director of Solar Governance

Richard leads Energy Transitions’ work with Solar Governance, supporting governments and the solar energy industry in the deployment of solar at a rate at which internationally-agreed climate change targets can be met. As part of Richard’s work on Solar Governance, Richard is Vice Chair of the International Energy Agency Solar Heating and Cooling Technology Collaboration Programme (IEA Solar Heating and Cooling TCP) and Chair of the Solar Trade Association Solar Heat Working Group (STA Solar Heat WG).
Richard is a Civil Engineer specialising in solar energy for thermal processes (i.e solar heating and cooling). Richard undertook an Engineering Doctorate at the University of Surrey in collaboration with the Steel Construction Institute (SCI), investigating and developing Transpired Solar Collectors (TSCs) for the UK market. Richard subsequently worked for Cardiff University as a Technical Engineer (low carbon architecture) and at the Centre for Alternative Technology as a Senior Lecturer (teaching the MSc Renewable Energy and the Built Environment course).

John Blower

Chief Executive Officer

John founded Energy Transitions in 2012 to develop Steel Zero using the unique coating developed by his father, who was a solar metal coating specialist. John was chairman of the Solar Trade Association for four years. John also has a strong background in accounting and is responsible for the financial, accounting and contractual aspects of Energy Transitions. John has a degree in mathematics from the University of Southampton, and was a corporate finance manager at KPMG in Hong Kong.

Dr Emma White

Environmental Psychologist

Emma is an Environmental Psychologist with a particular interest in people’s perceptions of the environment and the link to well-being. Emma is responsible for undertaking research, carrying out data analysis, and communicating our work to others, as well as guiding the ethical stance of the company and wellbeing of our team.
Emma is also a keen designer, interested in the design of elements within the environment, of technologies, and the digital world, and uses her qualification in garden design and keen interest in photography and writing to assist in her work.
Emma has an MSc and PhD in environmental psychology from Surrey University, a BSc in psychology (biological sciences) from Edinburgh University, and a Diploma (Hons) in garden design from KLC School of Design.

Sam Whinnett

Architectural Solar Designer

Sam is responsible for designing, specifying and supporting clients in the deployment of our flagship Steel Zero solar heating system. Sam provides expertise on integrating renewables and clean technology into the design of buildings and cities. With a strong background in both architecture and construction, Sam applies his knowledge of materials and technologies to ensure our systems and their installation are effective and look beautiful.

Sam has a Bachelor of Environmental Design and Master of Architecture from the University of Tasmania, and completed his studies at the University of Bath.