Energy Transitions Limited is a technology company, developing innovative solutions to decarbonise buildings, communities and cities. We are working to become a world leading provider of zero carbon heating and cooling system solutions.

Our approach

We apply fresh approaches, backed by scientific rigour, to develop cost effective decarbonisation solutions for buildings, communities and cities.

Our technology development work focuses on innovations that meet three key and inter-related criteria.

  • World-leading innovation
  • Competitive without subsidy
  • Global sales opportunities

Our vision

We aim to grow a major, successful and sustainable technology company, providing decarbonisation solutions for buildings, communities and cities in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Our vision is for our technology to transform the heating and cooling of buildings, deliver zero carbon district heating and cooling networks and to develop beautiful low carbon buildings. 

We strive to create a platform for creative and talented scientists and engineers to work collaboratively, within a market focused framework, to develop and deliver novel and cost-effective solutions.

Our team

Energy Transitions’ innovation team currently comprises:


John Blower, CEO. John is a clean energy technology entrepreneur with 25 years’ experience in the renewable energy sector; he previously worked for 10 years with international accountants, KPMG. John has excellent project management skills and has had significant success in winning innovation funding from UK Government.

Dr. Richard Hall, CTO. Richard leads Energy Transitions’ work in solar governance, focusing on international collaboration, innovation, standards, certification and best industry practice. Richard is chair of the STA Solar Heat Working Group and Vice Chair of the International Energy Agency (IEA) Solar Heating and Cooling (SHC) Technology Collaboration Programme (TCP).

Dr Emma White, Head of Influence. As Head of Influence, Emma is responsible for ensuring Energy Transitions has a happy workforce & an ethical, environmentally responsible stance in everything we do. As a researcher, she leads on psychology-related work: survey design, data collection & analysis. As a writer, she works on social media, press releases & publications.